Every SkillAthletic Studio provides the dynamic equipment vital to the evolution of your workout. Each studio hosts a unique design that embodies power and circuit
efficiency. Accessible classes build upon your dedication to the craft – offering location-specific amenities.

We take our members seriously. Our innovative spaces are the product of your aspiration to be better. It is our goal at Skillathletic to push you out of your comfort zone, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Body Scans

Muscle gain, fat reduction, skeletal muscle mass – InBody technology can measure your journey to a better you.

With over 40 parameters measured, InBody offers articulate metrics that show where changes should be made. Stretching from diet to exercise, we then provide a comprehensive report tailored to your needs.

  • Measure Current Body State regardless of age & gender
  • Complex body parameters made easy
  • Outline changes to be made within diet, lifestyle or fitness
  • Track progress & find motivation in the new you!
InBody’s communicative system will find where your fat and muscle deposits are located. SkillAthletic’s proven programs will use this data in tailoring the most effective experience for you.

Meal Plans

Fuel for your fire. For a truly healthy lifestyle, fitness and training is half the equation. A regular, fresh and delicious diet is the key to lifelong physical and mental victory. Skillathletic meal plans are designed to inspire conscious caloric intake. We believe fitness extends far past the boundaries of physical activity. Rather, fitness is the gate towards a new lifestyle, mentality, and better you.

The meal plans offer access to nutritional recipes tailored to who you are. Sticking to a regulated diet can be tough. At Skillathletic we understand that choices are more effective when people are involved from the start. We let you govern your meal plan through asking your needs and wants. Together a diet is designed that will remain most delicious, and effective to you and your lifestyle.

Infrared Sauna

A recent innovation, the infrared sauna offers a safer and more comfortable choice to the regular steam sauna. Enjoy a soothing recovery without the struggle of breathing in steam.

Assisting in circulation, joint and muscle relief, and stress reduction – a single 30-minute session will burn up to 600 calories.

The infrared sauna increases metabolic rate through directly targeting your body with heat. With increased sweat production, your body begins to pump blood quicker. Improved circulation and a faster heartbeat conclude in a caloric loss for your body.

Feel the benefits of the sun’s natural and healthy energy without the damaging UV rays.


Skillathletic understands commitments come first. Our facilities are no longer tethered by the difficulty of parenting.

Time is a luxury. A healthy lifestyle would fall short without facilities in place to balance your child’s care and your fitness. Skillathletic’s attached creche houses an enjoyable, safe experience for any children who need supervision. Take peace-ofmind in our service and focus on releasing the athlete within.

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