Objective: Total body durability workout
Duration: 45 minutes
Workout: Forget about Reps. BOOST challenges your ability to last as long as possible. Completed in teams, you will be supported by your community.

Weight loss, agility, and stamina. These are the results of BOOST. Testing your ability at the next level.

Objective: Total body strength workout
Duration: 20 minutes
Workout: Testing the body and mind. BRAVE promotes the growth of mental
toughness and physical durability.

BRAVE represents your power/ endurance ratio. Pressing intense mental and physical exhaustion, BRAVE athletes aim to test themselves and their new capabilities.

Objective: Power advancement
Duration: 45 minutes
Workout: Three segments. Strength, mentality, evolution. Are you tough enough? Prove yourself against our most taxing program. Achieve your final form.

Cantered on Olympic training, MIGHTY tests your ability to get better. Explosive training, weightlifting and rigorous sports outline the final step toward your goals.

Objective: Coordination & Speed capabilities.
Duration: 30 minutes
Workout: How fast can you go? Increasing the burst, intensity and speed of your workout. Dedicated sessions improve the most advanced element of athletics: SPEED.

FAST is accessible to everyone. A background in sports or our other classes is recommended to enjoy FAST in the best capacity. Free the athlete within today.

Our Classes

What do you want to achieve? Our classes offer training in all four pillars of fitness. Your decision relies on hard work and dedication.

With a modular system, Skillathletic offers you the complete choice in your future with us. Go at your own pace but be warned, our classes get results from your physical and mental exhaustion. Be brave and free the athlete within.

Classes are no longer than 60 minutes, some feature pair or group work to establish community.

Warm Up

Minimising your chance of injury and maximising your progress, your coach will individualise your warm-up. This ensures your mind and body are ready to push towards your goals.


Your training will be varied to help you reach your ultimate goal. Your sessions will be explained before you begin, allowing you to be fully focused on your effort and commitment.


Your coach will ensure that recovery post session is the best it can be. Through a mixture of guided stretches and educational tips you will recover quicker and faster in preparation for your next session.

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